Rumor: Intel Coffee Lake 8 Core CPUs In The Works For 2018

Intel Coffee Lake is going to be unveiled in early October and we will be able to learn more about the mainstream CPUs then. For now, Intel is not revealing anything new but word has it that Intel Coffee Lake 8 core CPUs are in the works for 2018.

While the Intel Coffee Lake series of CPUs will feature additional cores and threads as compared to previous generation CPUs, we know that AMD Ryzen still has the upper hand with the top of the line Ryzen 7 CPUs coming with 8 cores and 16 threads.

As of right now we only know of Intel i7 CPUs coming out with 6 cores and 12 threads but word has it that later next year there we will be introduced to 8 core Intel Coffee Lake CPUs in order to compete with AMD Ryzen.

AMD Ryzen CPUs are not great when it comes to gaming but they are great all-rounders especially if you use your PC for more than gaming applications. While there has been no confirmation from Intel we have some hints and clues that you can check out.

Intel Coffee Lake

The upcoming Intel Coffee Lake CPUs will have to offer more than what is currently on the market from the company. The upcoming i3 CPUs will feature 4 cores instead of 2. The upcoming i5 CPUs will feature 6 cores instead of 4 and the upcoming i7 CPUs will come with 6 cores with Hyperthreading.

Intel Coffee Lake

Although the official announcement is going to be in the early October, the K series SKUs are going to be coming out first. Followed by other mainstream CPUs that will come in January 2018. We also have news regarding the chipset that will be compatible with these motherboards. It seems that there will not only be a Z370 but a Z390 chipset as well.

Let us know what you think about Intel Coffee Lake CPUs and whether or not you are going to buy one.