Final Fantasy 15 Sales Have Reached 6.5 Million Copies Worldwide

Final Fantasy 15 sales have reached the major benchmark of 6.5 million copies all around the world on both of its current platforms, the Xbox One and the Playstation 4. While we don’t have any idea of how many copies will sell on the PC, it’ll likely increase sales even more next year.

Final Fantasy 15 is the most recent mainline Final Fantasy game from Square Enix, and tells the story of Prince Noctis of Lucis, who must defeat the Niflheim Empire after they conquer his homeland, while at the same time going on a roadtrip with his three friends.

With a new setting, beautiful new graphics, and even a new combat engine that turns it into real-time rather than Final Fantasy’s usual turn-based style, the game won critical acclaim, and has gotten a number of new standalone expansions focusing individually on Noctis’s friends Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus.

All of this has combined to give Final Fantasy 15 sales a substantial boost, as Square Enix’s Final Fantasy development team did their best to improve various aspects of the game after its launch, such as some criticisms of a weak narrative. Various other updates, such as an Assassin’s Creed Origins crossover, have also helped the game retain attention.

And that’s only on the console version. With everything that’s going to be coming to the PC version of the game, including a Steam Workshop, the possibility of online co-op play, and everything else that Final Fantasy 15 entails, players will be able to do even more in the game than they could before.

There’s no real release date for the Final Fantasy 15 PC version yet beyond next year, but if you want to add to the Final Fantasy 15 sales before then, you can buy the game on console. It’s currently available for both the Xbox One and the Playstation 4.