Ezra Miller’s Justice League The Flash Suit Wasn’t Easy to Get Into, Miller Felt Like a “Victorian Lady”

One of the biggest films to release this year is DC’s Justice League which is coming in November. Ben Affleck’s Batman is teaming up with Cyborg, Aqua Man, Wonder Woman, and the Fastest Man Alive, The Flash!

While Justice League fans would have loved to see Grant Gustin, TV’s The Flash, to play the role in the movie as well, but Ezra Miller has so far been impressive. The best part about Ezra’s The Flash, besides his humor, is the amazing suit. His suit, although amazing to look at, is not easy to get into.

In fact, speaking in a recent interview, Ezra Miller stated that early on he felt like a Victorian lady while getting into the suit. And everyone was pretty afraid of not breaking anything which made the process of getting into the suit longer.

There was a time towards the beginning where it was a very long, delicate process, where everyone was afraid of everything breaking. I would feel like a Victorian lady with my chambermaids. Sometimes I would ask them if they could brush my hair and ask me about the boys whom I fancied.

In the same interview, while speaking about his role as The Flash/Barry Allen:

I was definitely nervous and excited every single day. I definitely was feeling like Barry, stepping into the big leagues with this incredible group of collaborators. Feeling like Barry, trying to do the best job I could do. I think that does sum up Barry in this movie, whether you’re talking about his social interactions or his attempts to harness his powers and be a superhero. It’s nice when you have that ‘art mirror life mirror art mirror life mirror art’ thing going on

The Flash will mainly play the role of Batman’s apprentice in Justice League. His role was set up in Batman Vs Superman when he time traveled to warn Bruce Wayne of Evil Superman.

Source: Entertainment Weekly