Deadpool 2’s Domino is a Fan of Deadpool

Deadpool became one of the most unexpected hits of recent times thanks to the hard work and the amazing talent of Ryan Raynolds. His portrayal of Deadpool was praised across the globe and landed him another film in the series. The next installment, Deadpool 2, is releasing next year with Raynolds at the helm.

Raynolds is co-starring the film with Zazie Beetz, who is cast as Domino. She recently spoke about Ryan Raynolds’ Deadpool and had nothing but praise for him. She stated that it’s amazing watching Raynolds go to work under the mask.

Honestly, it’s amazing kind of watching Ryan do his thing because you think like, ‘Oh, he has the mask on and you can ADR all of it’ or whatever, but he is genuinely incredibly talented, and it’s pretty impressive to watch. He’s just really good. And so, for me, this is the biggest thing I’ve done, so I’ve been very much sort of observing and it’s been a good vibe set to observe on and [there’s] a lot of really talented people.

Raynolds is the main reason which makes Deadpool 2 exciting. He is so natural as Deadpool, its if he is just playing himself on screen. It is a shame Deadpool is not a member of The Avengers and doesn’t really share the same universe. Still, it would be amazing to see him as an Avenger sometime in the future after the current heroes retire from action.

Would you like to see Deadpool as an Avenger in the future? What do you think of Raynolds as Deadpool? Take to the comments and let us know what you think.

Source: ScreenRant