Black Widow and More Confirmed for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite DLC

Capcom has endured enough rumors and speculations from the community over the identity of the remaining characters arriving for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.

Earlier today, the developer finally made it official that the next four downloadable characters are going to be Monster Hunter, Winter Soldier, Black Widow, and Venom.

“We know there has been much speculation on who the remaining four characters will be, and we are happy to announce that Monster Hunter, Winter Solider, Black Widow and the shape-shifting Venom will all be battling their way into Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite later this year,” the announcement reads. “We are hard at work on these characters and can’t wait to show them to you when they are ready! The epic clash has begun, join the battle now!”

Both Monster Hunter and Venom were leaked back in May and were mentioned several times in following unofficial reports. However, this is the first time that Black Widow has surfaced for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. Together, the four new characters join Sigma and Black Panther to complete the first wave of post-release characters.

The developer is yet to confirm a price point or release date. At this point, players can expect all six characters to arrive for the roster by the end of the year. They are rumored to release from the start of October in pairs, starting with Sigma and Black Panther, at the cost of $5.99 individually or $9.99 in pairs. If true, the content support for the game is going to be highly expensive for active players.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite officially releases today for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Our review of it is already up and praises it for its “fun and engaging mechanics” that are only let down by “uninspired art direction and questionable roster omissions.”