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Two More Overwatch Heroes and Another Overwatch Map Coming to Heroes of the Storm

Ana and Junkrat are respectively bringing their burst healing and ranged bombardment kits from Overwatch to the Heroes of the Storm battlegrounds.

Specific details on how the two new heroes will play after making the crossover have not been shared but Blizzard has confirmed that they will arrive with Volskaya Foundry as a new map for the game.

This is not the first time that Blizzard has pushed content from Overwatch into Heroes of the Storm. The mech-pilot D.Va, sound-blasting Lúcio, sword-wielding Genji, gravity-controlling Zarya, and everyone’s favorite Tracer have all previously made the cut. In addition, Volskaya Foundry is the second map to follow after Hanamura.

The new content should be arriving on the Public Test Realm (PTR) this week, with an official release around early next month if everything goes according to plan.

Elsewhere, Heroes of the Storm is hosting a new brawl this week that tasks players to “assist a salty revenge-fueled pirate in his other-worldly quest to destroy the docks or send him to a watery grave with the aid of some spectral cannonballs.” Successfully completing two matches of the Blackheart’s Revenge will earn players a Loot Chest.

Blizzard has a lot in its pipelines for Heroes of the Storm. The AI of the game is receiving massive improvements that result in a more responsive and accurate behavior, while also allowing the execution of dynamic strategies with ease. Take note that all heroes released since Garrosh use the new system, with the older heroes being transitioned with each update in waves. Players are requested to send in their feedback to the developer in order to determine any future improvements or adjustments to the system.