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Team Liquid Officially Disbands Its Overwatch Roster

Team Liquid becomes another major esports organization to part ways with Overwatch this year.

According to the official announcement, majority of players on the roster are ditching the vibrant online team-based shooter for other games while one has decided to finally hang his peripherals for an indefinite period.

Shane “rapha” Hendrixson, Tim “DaHanG” Fogarty, and Andrew “id_” Trulli will be competing in Quake Champions from now on. Keven “azk” Lariviere is returning to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Adam “MESR” De La Torre is entering retirement from competitive play. Robert “shadder2k” Mocanu and Kim “Fury” Jun-ho, the remaining two players on the roster, are being released from their contracts and will hopefully find new homes soon.

“We will be examining our options over the coming weeks, and we will be releasing updates as they come,” the management concluded. “Thank you everyone for supporting the team, and we encourage everyone to continue to cheer for our players in their new teams or games.”

The formal announcement arrives a month after Team Liquid was reported by ESPN to be disbanding its Overwatch roster. The decision was stated to be partially based on little to no interest in participating in the Overwatch League, a notion that has been shared by several other endemic esports organizations that have similarly walked out. The $20 million price to purchase a slot is simply too high.

However, it does not spell doom for the ambitious league, at least not yet. OpTic Gaming, for long hailed as a premium brand in Call of Duty, is reportedly on the verge of expanding its portfolio by purchasing the Overwatch League Houston slot for the exorbitant sum.