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New Flank Champion Talus Announced for Paladins, Features High Mobility and Goofy Demeanour

The newest playable character to join the ranks of Paladins: Champions of the Realm has been announced to be Talus, of the Ska’drin.

The Ska’drin race has a long woeful history of suffering at the hands of oppressors and were nearly wiped out twice due to raging revolts. The survivors now live in fear, hiding their tails and horns in the hope of being treated normally. However, Talus has no intention of living the rest of his life in such a manner. He is fairly optimistic about changing the world he lives in and takes great pride in the power of his ancestors.

Talus has great mobility that he can use to get behind enemy lines and utilize runes to travel back to safety. He is armed with a timid sub-machine gun and can dash into clumps of enemies to stop them in their tracks.

The official patch notes from earlier today reveal his kit of abilities:

  • Veracharger: A short to medium ranged weapon that deals comparitively low damage but at a high fire-rate.
  • Blitz Upper: Charge forward to hit enemeies in an area for damage and knock them straight back.
  • Overcharge: Buff your weapon to increase the firing rate for a few seconds.
  • Rune of Travel: Inscribe a rune on the ground and teleport back for quick mobility or to cleanse all effects.
  • True Power: Travel behind an enemy target to deal damage and knock them back.

Paladins: Champions of the Realm is celebrating its first anniversary this month. The official announcement confirms the game to be “17 million players strong” but does not clarify if that is the number of active or registered players.

The roster has expanded to feature a total of 31 playable characters, 14 of which were introduce this year alone. Viktor, Skye, Kinessa, Drogoz, and Androxus are some of the most-picked champions.

We draw closer to the inaugural Paladins Premier League this fall. The matches will be livestreamed exclusively on Facebook, a result of a new partnership between the social media giant and Hi-Rez Studios.