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Forza MotorSports 7 Demo Listing Appears On Xbox Live Store

Forza MotorSports 7 will launch next month and it seems a demo for the game will be coming soon. A listing for Forza MotorSports 7 Demo has emerged on Xbox Live Store, however, the demo is not yet available for players to download.

It seems that Forza MotorSports 7 Demo will roll out a week or two before the game’s official launch and will definitely be a great way to attract more players.

Being a first-party title, Forza Motorsports 7 will also launch for Xbox One X and will take full advantage of the console’s hardware as the game will be running at 4K and 60 FPS and many had assumed including me that it would take everything that the console has got to achieve it.

However, that is not the case, according to a report, Microsoft has revealed that even though the console will run Forza 7 at 4K/60 FPS it will still have 30% of GPU power to spare.

Also, Turn 10 studio has revealed that Forza Motorsports 7 has a Xbox One X exclusive graphical feature. Creative director Bill Giese explained the different graphical and audio techniques in an interview that Turn 10 is using to make Forza Motorsports 7 a more immersive experience. He also revealed a technical feature which is exclusive to Xbox One X.

The technical feature exclusive to Xbox One X is the dynamic cube mapping which the director describes will help “better seat the cars in the world”. The technique uses six different 2-D images/textures for each side of the cube map instead of just one. Each frame is rendered six times excluding the main frame render which makes the scene much more immersive and realistic.

Forza Motorsport 7 will launch on October 3, 2017, for PC and Xbox One and will also be a Play Anywhere title.