Report: Fortnite Features Cross-Platform Play Between PS4 And Xbox One

Cross-Platform Play between PS4 and Xbox One has been an interesting topic of debate since the introduction of this concept and it seems that Epic Games’ Fortnite has this feature switched on between both consoles. This is according to some players and it is interesting since Sony is not a fan of this feature.

Reddit users have reported that there have been instances where they noticed players with Xbox Gamertags popping up in PS4 matches of Fortnite. According to Reddit user PRE_-CISION-_, he noticed a Gamertag with a space in it which hints that it was a Xbox Gamertag as Sony doesn’t allow spaces in PSN IDs.

He searched for the Gamertag and found that the particular player only pls games on Xbox One. This prompted up a discussion between the community since Cross-Platform Play between PS4 and Xbox One is not allowed.

Some suggested that the player might be playing on PC but, screenshots of him playing the Xbox version surfaced which cemented the theory that Cross-Platform Play is switched on quietly for both consoles.

While Sony doesn’t agree with Microsoft over Cross-Platform Play but, Microsoft is in talks with Sony to convince the company to allow this feature.

Absolutely, yeah. We’re talking to Sony [about crossplay], we do partner with them on Minecraft and of course we would like to enable them to be part of that; one community, to unite gamers. So we’re talking to them and we’re hopeful that they’ll be supportive of it.

We are hopeful that sooner or later Sony will see the potential of Cross-Play and will allow players to play multiplayer games with players on other platforms.

Do you think allowing Cross-Platform play will be a good step for both console communities? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Reddit