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Destiny 2 Needs to Give XUR Something More to Do

Destiny 2 released on consoles and is coming to PC next month. It brings back many elements and mechanics from the original game. Many characters made a comeback as well including our exotic vendor, XUR: Agent of the Nine.

Each week he brings us new items in exchange for Strange Coins and Motes of Light. Last week was its very first time appearing in Destiny 2 and while the list of items he brought was a little underwhelming, we were happy to see XUR back nonetheless.

XUR is a major part of Destiny’s universe but it seems he is somewhat becoming less exciting. Not only the items he sells, but him not getting beyond his vendor role needs to change. The list of his items need to be buffed up and his role in Destiny 2 needs to have more to it.

The best way to give XUR a more engaging role in Destiny 2 is to make him offer missions. Missions that would allow us to acquire exclusive exotics. Also, missions that will help us understand his backstory and why he does what he does.

He serves the Nine, the rulers of Jovians, the section of the Solar System past the asteroid belt. His missions can shed some light on Jovians and that section of the solar system, explaining what this race is and what their motives are, besides hoarding Destiny 2 currency.

It would make his weekly appearance more interesting. Anyways, the next time you will see XUR is later this week on September 22 so make sure you have enough Strange Coins and Motes of Light.

Do you think Destiny 2 needs to give XUR more to do? Let us know in the comments below.