Leaked AMD Ryzen Mobile APU Benchmarks Reveal 90% Better Performance Than Bristol Ridge

The upcoming AMD Ryzen Mobile APU features Zen CPU and Vega GPU architecture packed into one and we expect some serious performance from the chip. This is not the first time that AMD will be bringing an APU to the market and the company has some experience with APUs. Here we have some AMD Ryzen Mobile APU benchmarks of AMD Raven Ridge.

Although AMD has made APUs in the past, this will be the first AMD Ryzen mobile APU. Being a first generation product people can be hesitant when making a purchase decision but these AMD Ryzen Mobile APU benchmarks reveal some serious performance gains as compared to previous APUs that we have seen.

According to the leaked AMD Ryzen Mobile APU benchmarks, the APU should be able to deliver almost double the performance as compared to previous generation products. A mid-range Ryzen 5 2500U chip was spotted recently and the chip featured 4 cores and 8 threads.

Back in May when AMD first announced Raven Ridge, the company promised 50% better CPU performance and 40% gains in GPU performance. From what we see in this leak, AMD might be taking things up a notch. You can check out the leaked AMD Ryzen Mobile APU benchmarks below:

The gist of these benchmarks is that users will be able to get 90% better multi-threaded performance and 56% better single-threaded performance from the upcoming chips. It is important to note here that the chip in question here has a TDP of 15W which is same as the previous generation chips.

AMD did promise better performance and lower power consumption but I doubt the lower power chips will be able to deliver similar performance.

Let us know what you think about AMD Raven Ridge and whether or not you would be interested in buying a laptop that is powered by an AMD Ryzen Mobile APU.