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New NBA 2K18 Trailer Gives Us A Lot Of Gameplay And Cool Visuals

A new NBA 2K18 trailer has been released on YouTube today, showing off a good bit of gameplay and cool visuals about the game. NBA 2K18 will be coming out on September 19, next Tuesday, and the trailer might be the last one we see before the game actually comes out.

NBA 2K18 is, of course, the latest entry in the NBA 2K games that are developed by 2K Sports. Much like many other sports games, the game will have a MyCareer mode that allows players to make a custom character and take them through a career in the National Basketball Association. Previous NBA 2K games have also done this, with one, NBA 2K16, actually having a full-on story mode directed by black filmmaker Spike Lee.

In NBA 2K18, players will be able to play against not only current teams, but also teams from past eras including the 1995-1996 roster of the Chicago Bulls (basketball superstar Michael Jordan’s most famous team), and the 1985-1986 roster of the Boston Celtics. New teams have also been added to this, including the 2007-2008 Denver Nuggets and the 1998-1999 New York Knicks. The practice previously started with NBA 2K16.

In addition to the game’s MyCareer mode, the game will also see the return of the MyLeague mode, where players can take over a basketball team and take them up through the NBA league in an effort to win the championship.

The visuals in the new NBA 2K18 trailer show off how detailed the various players are, with one particular section of the trailer also giving the engine’s lighting a chance to shine as lights flash in the darkened stadium.

If you want to see the new NBA 2K18 trailer and its musical accompaniment for yourself, you can watch it further up this article. NBA 2K18 will once again be coming out on September 19 for the Xbox and Playstation consoles, along with the Nintendo Switch and PC.