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NBA 2K18 Steam Reviews Are “Mostly Negative”

NBA 2K18 steam reviews are now live and it seems players are not having a good time in the game. They are reporting many issues with the latest basketball experience from 2K Games. The game released yesterday and have since received close to 600 reviews.

However, mostly negative reviews are hurting NBA 2K18. It seems that this year’s entry is actually a downgrade from the previous year in terms of reviews. NBA 2K17 at least had mixed reviews which gave interested buyers something to hold on to.

Some of the NBA 2K18 Steam Reviews are:

1: I brought this game a month ago being eager to play it, but it turns out to be the worst one i’ve ever played,i dont want to buy an RPG and the shape of players are too weired, the huge heads make me sick, if there isnt any progress, i d rather try nba live and abandon 2k

PS: even though speeding up the game,iverson still seems to run slower than me

2: it is far away from what i expected. i have no sense of joy while playing this game.

3:I don’t really care too much about the new features in MyTeam because no matter how innovative or amazing they are, the base gameplay is so shocking they may as well not be there. Someone also decided to make the vibration, that was fine during free throws, occur at the end of quarters as soon as you enter the opponents half. This is exactly what we have been shouting for as gamers! Game during a goddamn earthquake simulator!

These are just some examples of how people are not happy with what NBA 2K18 has to offer. It is not that the game is poorly optimized for PC, it’s not, it’s just not up to par with the expectations players had.