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Bungie Gives Explanation For Destiny 2 Hate Symbol Appearance On Gear

Bungie has given an explanation for a Destiny 2 hate symbol appearance, which placed the symbol of “Kek” onto a piece of armor in the game. “Kek”, previously a harmless expression of trolling laughter on the internet, has since become associated with white supremacist groups in America and other countries.

After it was made clear to Bungie of what sort of symbol (or at least, a close enough approximation) they had put on the armor, Bungie quickly instituted an update that removed the gear. Now, however, Bungie has given an explanation as to why the Destiny 2 hate symbol appearance even happened.

According to Bungie, people that design the pieces of gear and the emblems that appear on them trawl the internet looking for various insignia to be used, and came across the kek symbol, or rather the mirrored chevron shapes that appeared in the kek insignia that looked close enough to the symbol to get noticed. Interestingly enough, the symbol had already been flagged internally by a cultural sensitivity team at Bungie that looked for culturally insensitive symbols.

The piece of armor that held the offending symbol is gone from the game now, so some Hunters or other Guardians that the piece of gear is on to begin with will likely have to change their gear now. Hopefully Bungie can replace it later with something just as good if not better, but chevrons in a different configuration than that.

Destiny 2 has been available on the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 since September 5, last week, so if you’ve been on the fence on whether or not to play it you can still buy it, or you can wait until October 24 and buy it on the PC.

Hopefully there aren’t any other Destiny 2 hate symbol appearances on any of the game’s other gear.