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PUBGs Update Ruins VOIP Feature for Some, Here’s a Workaround

PUBGs September update has gone live and it brings a lot of new things like the fog weather effect, new weapon, and more, however, the in-game VOIP has been affected by PUBGs September update. The issue causes the PUBGs VOIP to be disabled which is a necessary tool for squad matches. Luckily we have a workaround for that.

The workaround for the PUBGs VOIP feature disabling due to PUBGs September update is simple, however, it is important to note that it might not work for some since it is just a workaround, not an official fix.

To fix the VoIP issue just open up settings and you might notice that your master volume is not muted and the other options are just fine but, still the in-game voice chat isn’t working. All you have to do is change your sound settings to default and apply it. if you want to make some changes, you are free to make them and the in-game voice chat should work after that, at least it worked for me.

In related news, PUBGs creator Brandon Greene has also clarified that there is no single-player campaign planned for PUBG. Brendan Greene stated that for PUBG Singleplayer campaign, it is important to create a lore and currently there is none for the game. He explained further before straight up confirming that there is no PUBG single-player campaign planned.

Also, Bluhole Studio is preparing to deal with the PUBGs AFK farming and plan to tackle it soon, however, the studio admits they don’t know what will be the solution.

It could be us just adjusting the balance of BPs being earnt after each game or just from a structure point of view, preventing AFKs as a whole. We haven’t full decided on a direction for that yet.

Did this workaround do the trick for your in-game voice chat in PUBG? If there is another fix that you know be free to share with us in the comments.