PUBGs Fog Weather Effect Does Not Fit the Dynamics, Needs to Go

PUBGs September Update has rolled out which brings a lot of things to the table but, the most notable is the Fog weather effect. Featuring different weathers in a game is a good thing, which can somewhat change the dynamics of a multiplayer match, in a good way of course. However, PUBGs Fog weather effect does the opposite and doesn’t fit the dynamics of the game.

Firstly, let’s talk a little bit about the PUBGs dynamics. PUBGs is essentially a Battle Royale game that pits 100 players against one another and only one comes out as victorious. The players rely on both sound and visual feedback to keep an eye on their surroundings and not to be ambushed by other players.

Visual feedback is very important in a game such as PUBGs as players need to spot other players and if they are far away, players can take them out with long range weapons. Things become slightly different when the game features a rain weather effect.

PUBGs rain effect somewhat covers up the sound of walking and players wouldn’t be able to find a difference unless the opponent is very close. But, rain doesn’t limit players ability to track opponents who are far away and they are able to engage/take them out with long range weapons.

However, PUBGs Fog Weather Effect goes against the dynamics of its own. It limits player’s ability to see or track other players to just a few meters and anything far way than that can’t be seen. This very thing creates a problem in the game and it makes the match campers heaven, as players can’t see other players coming so they sit tight at one location and wait for other players to come to them and they take them out swiftly as the second player is not aware of the camper.

This also happened to me when I first tried out a match with PUBGs Fog Weather Effect. Almost during the half of the match’s duration, I didn’t even see any player let alone engage them and then went to a small settlement on the map and suddenly a player was just sitting around the corner and took me out. A similar thing happened to me and my squad in another match.

The point is that the PUBGs Fog weather effect definitely sounds good on paper but, its implementation is not that simple as it goes against its own dynamics and makes the matches dull in a game which wants its players to have interesting encounters with other players.

Bluehole definitely needs to take another look at this Fog effect in PUBGs and we are sure that the development team will at least make some tweaks if not eliminate it entirely to make the matches more interesting.

Have you played any PUBGs match with fog effect? What do you think about it? Do you agree with our point of view? Let us know in the comments.