League of Legends’ Champion Select Screen Gets New Filtering and Sorting Options

The champion selection screen in League of Legends has been updated on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) to help players better decide what to play.

The first new feature is an improved filter that narrows down champions by their positions instead of roles. Currently on the live servers, players can filter champions through tags like Assassin, Tank, and Mage. However, it is a bit streneous to keep track of such roles for every champion on the board. Hence, the developer has made it easier by simply allowing players to filter by what position they want to play: Top, Mid, Jungle, etc.

“We think we can do a better job of helping you narrow down your choices when you’re playing an off-position and our existing role filters don’t serve that need very well,” the developer explained on the official forums. “Position filters can help you find commonly-picked champions for whatever you’re playing.”

The new position filter will be populated by data from the previous patch and in that light, new champions will show up in the patch that arrives after they are released. A single champion can be placed in more than one filters.

The second new feature is sorting by mastery points. Keep in mind that it will not display the number of points or current mastery level of a champion, but may arrive for League of Legends at some point in the future.

The third feature is a highly requested one from the community and allows players to mark champions as favorite. This works in tandem with the new position filters. A champion can be right-clicked and favorite-d in multiple positions, and will show up at the top during searches.

The fourth and final feature is just a way to remind players about champions that are yet to earn a Hextech chest in non-ranked queues. According to Riot Games, the filter will not work for ranked games because “temptation is a leading cause of lost LP.”