Blizzard Has No Problems With Naga Sea Witch in Hearthstone

Blizzard has reiterated that Naga Sea Witch is working as intended in Hearthstone and there are no current changes planned for the epic minion.

The card, released a couple of years back with The League of Explorers expansion pack, is designed to make all the rest of your cards cost five mana. However, an undocumented change from earlier this year adjusted it to interact differently with cards that already feature mana-reduction effects.

The giants of Hearthstone feature high mana costs that gradually come down when certain requirements are fulfilled. For example, the Molten Giant costs twenty-five mana by default but the cost is reduced by one for each damage taken by the hero. Naga Sea Witch would previously just bring the cost down to five. However, due to the recent adjustment, the cost of the Molten Giant will further drop to zero if the hero takes five damage.

This ongoing effect is what has caused a stir in the community. Some players have even managed to play all seven giants in a single game. It was thought that the change was unintentional and an accident on the part of Blizzard. The developer, however, clarified this month that it was not.

Posting on Reddit earlier today, game director Ben Brode stated again that the changes to Naga Sea Witch will not be reversed.

“We made the change because we think these rules are easier to understand because they’re more consistent with other parts of the game,” Brode said. “not because we wanted to buff Naga Sea Witch. We were worried about it’s power level and have been watching the play/win reports in Wild.

“Right now it’s not one of the best decks, but it could grow in winrate as players get more practice. If it does become a big problem, we’d probably nerf Naga Sea Witch, rather than reverting the rules change.”

Hearthstone is expected to receive its next update later this week. It will nerf Druid, which is currently enjoying itself as the most dominant class of Hearthstone ever since Knights of the Frozen Throne was released last month.