New Beyond Good And Evil 2 Artwork Unveiled

Beyond Good And Evil 2 is still in early development and Ubiosft has been revealing new artworks, details and more since its reveal at E3 2017. Now, Michel Ancel has revealed a new Beyond Good And Evil 2 artwork.

Michel Ancel revealed new Beyond Good And Evil 2 Artwork through his Instagram account which showcases a humanoid panda holding a cup of tea in his hands. The artwork is accompanied by a caption “Quiet Force”, probably hinting towards the character’s intimidating personality.

Beyond Good And Evil 2 Artwork

In related news, Ubisoft has revealed that the game is being developed on a brand new game engine. Creative director Michel Ancel had a very specific vision and to achieve that vision they have developed a completely new game engine.

French Studios managing director Xavier Poix added that the game had to be enormous and that is why they created Voyager that has enabled the studio to give players a feeling of traveling in space and they have been working on this tech for last 3 years.

Also, Ubisoft gave us a glimpse of the game’s world in a video. The video showcases the hybrid Monkey character, Knox, from the trailer, flying around the city on top of a temple which might indicate that it is an open-world title.

No release date and platforms have been revealed for the upcoming Beyond Good And Evil 2 as the game’s development is still at “Day Zero” despite hyping up the game with a trailer.