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Super Mario Odyssey Will Contain More Than 600 Power Moons In Its Kingdoms

Super Mario Odyssey is releasing in about a month and as it seems it’s going to be huge. Not only in a matter of gameplay, where you will be able to try a lot of new mechanics, but also in how huge its world will be. As estimated the number of the Power Moons collected in the game will be nothing like we’ve seen before with collectibled in a Super Mario videogame so get ready for the grind.

NintendoLife tried to roughly sum up how many Power Moons you will be able to collect in the game and the numbers are much more than expected. In the most recent Nintendo Direct we were given a glimpse of how many Power Moons will be a available in only one Kingdom (the Sand Kingdom in particular) and it counts at 69. With the power of maths we can estimate just how big Super Mario Odyssey is.

With 69 Power Moons only in one Kingdom you can pretty much expect the other ones to be at the same amount. As seen in many previous Super Mario titles, the amount of collectibles are almost the same in every region making it easier to estimate at this point.

Super Mario Odyssey is known to have 9 Kingdoms in total, the Cap, the Cascade, the Metro, the Sand, the Luncheon, the Wooded, the Seaside, the Snow Kingdoms and one more unnamed that was shown to be kinda like the swamp region in Yoshi’s story. With that in mind you can already count up to 500 Power Moons for all areas and that’s an understatement.

On the Super Mario Odyssey Mario and Peach Amiibo‘s cover we can also see 2 more Kingdoms that are not yet revealed, they appear to be the Lake Kingdom and an Mushroom Kingdom which can also be found in a map contained in its packaging.

Using math as a useful parameter we can roughly estimate that there will be a bit over 60 Power Moons in each Kingdom, reaching the total in a massive amount of 600 Power Moons in the game at minimum.

Super Mario Odyssey will be available on October 27th exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Its Amiibos will get released on the same day too.