Xbox One Game DVR Gets A Resolution Bump, Will Record Gameplay In 1080p

Microsoft has been making improvements to Xbox One with new updates since its launch and it seems that Microsoft will be improving the resolution for Xbox One Game DVR feature. Xbox One Game DVR is used to record gameplay highlights and while it currently on records in 720p but, the resolution has been bumped up to 1080.

Microsoft has rolled out a new insider update in the alpha ring which has bumped the resolution for Xbox One Game DVR feature. The alpha ring are the ones who get updates as early as possible to test them out and then they are released for public.

Another ability the update brings is that it allows users to save the video directly to an external storage for quick transfer to PC. Both Xbox One and Xbox One S will be getting these improvements and as for the Xbox One X, it will give users 4K, HDR and 60FPS game capture options.

In related news, Microsoft has assured that the Xbox One X dashboard will be streamlined as it will have to work across all Xbox consoles.

Vice president of Xbox and Windows, Mike Ybarra, said that the console offers much more powerful hardware and RAM and he has already discussed with Phil Spencer about the general improvements to the Xbox One X dashboard.

I feel great about where we’ve come today, but we designed this UI to be across the whole family and to only use a static amount of system resources so that even on S and the original Xbox One it runs absolutely great.

Also, Microsoft is very confident that gamers will recognize the value of Xbox One X. According to Aaron Greenberg, when Xbox One X comes to the market, players will see what 4K looks like and will be very “impressed” by it.