Code Vein Character Customization Offers More Than a Regular Souls-Like Game

Through the years we’ve seen the coolest character customizations in video games but when playing a souls-like game you can’t expect much. The Code Vein character customization though is a breath of fresh air for the genre fans since it contains everything you want to become a diva in this game just as expected from an anime related videogame.

In a video on IGN First we can see a detailed run through the Code Vein character customization with the help of the artists, who give out some information about what the company wanted to achieve with it and what thoughts they had when creating it.

In Code Vein you can tweak all the basic features you want on a character creation, such as gender, body type, skin color, face type, eye shape, eye size, eye color, hairstyle and so on. Nozomu Ikeuchi, the 3D Character Artist of the game states that they wanted the characters to be neither too cartoony nor too realistic so they managed to get a 3D model with such characteristics that would make each character look like an illustrated figure.

You can also use face paint and makeup on your character, just as you would expect from an anime themed video game such as scars, cracks or tattoos which you can move and zoom in and out as much as you want.

Your character may have a standard armor call Blood Vein which cannot be editable, but you can tweak the color and pattern of your “inner clothing” like your collar and your sleeves.

When talking about the monsters of Code Vein, Koichi Itakura, the art director of the game made it clear that they are vampires just as our character is. They lost control and were turned into monsters of many shapes, some humanlike and approximately the size of our avatar and others more terrifying with tentacles and wings coming to huge sizes.

Code Vein is set for release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in early 2018.