Osiris: New Dawn Plastic Crafting Guide – How to, Gathering Resources

In this Osiris: New Dawn Plastic Crafting Guide, we will guide you how you can craft Plastic. Crafting Plastic in Osiris: New Dawn is a tedious task because you need 75 Hydrogen and 1 Carbon. Running for Hydrogen repeatedly is no easy task. We have curated this Osiris: New Dawn Plastic Crafting Guide with tips and tricks on how you can easily collect Hydrogen so you can easily find Hydrogen and keep that Plastic supply going.

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Osiris: New Dawn Plastic Crafting Guide

Osiris: New Dawn Plastic Crafting Guide details everything you need to know about getting enough Hydrogen to keep the Plastic supply constant.

Osiris: New Dawn Plastic Crafting

Increasing Plastic Production Efficiency

You need Plastic to create most of the things in Osiris: New Dawn. To create 1 unit of Plastic you require 75 units of Hydrogen and 1 unit of Carbon. This becomes very hectic since the game has a maximum barrel limit of 100. This means continuous trips from your base to a Hydrogen resource location. We have some tips for you to help make the resource gathering more convenient for you.

When you start the game, you will put your Inflatable Dome somewhere soon. Most of the players simply put it near the spawning point, which is not a good idea since it is mostly far from most of the resources. You should stick with it for some time and only put it down near to multiple resource locations. Since you will just start the game, you will literally be empty. Your first step here will be to find as many resources as possible.

For this, you must start building your base near resources. If you have to go to far off places to find resources, this will make it very difficult to play the game and you will get tired of running back and forth the base and the resource locations repeatedly. So place your initial base somewhere, which is near to most of the resources especially Magnesium, Hydrogen, Aluminum, Copper, and Titanium.

The average distance suggested between you and most of the common resource locations is 500 meters. Put Hydrogen and Magnesium before any other resources, as you will need them a lot. Especially for crafting Plastic. If you want to look for an ideal spot, Horizon Volcano has some Hydrogen, Carbon and Magnesium craters located at a very convenient distance. Head to the coordinates -13.3|18.2 and start building your initial base here. You will also find some Gold nearby.

To keep the efficiency of each run high, you must have at least 12 barrels crafted and then head out towards the geysers. One such run will land you with 16 plastic. Start with getting as much Carbon and Hydrogen. As you start building more plastic, consider grabbing other resources as well because after placing your dome, your main focus should be to produce as much steel a possible for base expansion.

Consider spending plastic absolutely where it is necessary. Do not waste it on useless items and you should be fine with your Plastic supply. Build a Laboratory and Rover as soon as possible after Chemistry Table and Fabricator. They will greatly help you in increasing the efficiency of your resource gathering. Rover can hold a great number of resources so a single run on Rover means many runs on foot. So build a Rover as soon as you can.

With a steady supply of Hydrogen and Carbon, you will easily craft as much Plastic as you want.

This concludes our Osiris: New Dawn Plastic Crafting Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!