New WWE 2K18 Screenshots And Details Elaborate On MyCareer Mode

New WWE 2K18 screenshots and details about the game’s MyCareer mode have allowed us insight into how the game mode will work. MyCareer allows you to create a wrestler and take them through the ranks of the WWE. The mode has also gotten a number of various improvements to show.

To start off with, players will no longer have to have their MyCareer and MyCareer in WWE Universe accounts linked together. This will prevent players from having to go through identical situations multiple times, allowing the modes to remain fresh. Players will also have the opportunity to choose between two different paths of the story.

The WWE 2K18 screenshots aren’t very many, but they do allow players a look at one of the multiple different varieties of custom characters that you’ll be able to use when the game comes out and you create them in your MyCareer mode.

The choices that players make over the course of their various stories will allow them to unlock special abilities, such as setting traps for their rivals back stage, in the ring, or during interviews. You would also be able to gain the ability to call in another wrestler to help you during a match, if you obey your manager. If you’re a good employee, you can also gain access to Vince MacMahon himself.

Those aren’t all that are in the MyCareer mode, either. Players will not only be able to still make promos, but can also now make Deals, and nearly 200 new animations have been put into the game to have the many famous wrestlers in the game act how they do in real-life.

WWE 2K18 itself will be releasing for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch on October 17 of this year. Withe verything going into it to make it a good game, hopefully it will be the best WWE 2K title yet.