Heroes of the Storm AI Improvements Promise Better Response, Strategy-Execution, and More

Blizzard has undertaken the great challenge of improving the AI for Heroes of the Storm (HotS) to bring out the best possible experience to all players.

Posting on the official website, the developer explained how the current system features different scripts that have been written to control the AI. This comes with certain limitations, especially if there is need to extend functionality by adding more detail in the future.

The developer is moving away to a better alternative by building multiple new systems directly into the game engine. This will allow the development team to incorporate several improvements such as teaching the AI to be more responsive, accurate, and execute more dynamic strategies with ease.

“We are gradually transitioning the AI from being controlled by scripts to being controlled by several new systems built into the game engine,” the developer revealed. “We are not trying to make the AI drastically different, but we are building systems that can be extended easily.”

Players can expect the AI to have faster reaction times, use abilities in rapid succession, position better during fights, cycle through multiple targets based on priority, and adapt to different situations on the map.

According to Blizzard, the new AI improvements actually increased the difficulty levels and had to be ultimately dialed back by a bit.

“Rather than simply moving into range of their targets, AI Heroes also try to stay out of danger,” the developer added. “They calculate a score for many locations around the target and move to the safest one.”

Take note that all heroes released since Garrosh use the new system, with the older heroes being transitioned with each update in waves. Players are requested to send in their feedback to the developer in order to determine any future improvements or adjustments to the system.

Elsewhere, Blizzard has launched a new “Play Like a Pro” educational program to help players improve themselves in Heroes of the Storm. It is a monthly segment, with the first session taking place later today.