New Destiny 2 Crucible Map “Emperor’s Respite” Now Available To All

Bungie has rolled out new Destiny 2 Crucible map called Emperor’s Respite for everyone. The Crucible is set in the Leviathan which is also the setting of the game’s very first raid. This Destiny 2 Crucible map was dictated by the team that cleared the raid first in the entire community.

It is hard to say if this Destiny 2 Crucible map is based on an area of the Leviathan raid or will be a completely new map but, it will be available for all PS4 and Xbox One players. “The first Fireteam has made their way through Leviathan. Shaxx isn’t far behind. Emperor’s Respite is now available for all in the Crucible.”

Also, Bungie has admitted that the Nightfall Strike is a bit broken. According to Bungie, the Prism modifier “is not persisting on screen as is intended” and plans to soon fix this issue in a “future hotfix”.

Furthermore, Bungie has revealed the clan rewards for Destiny 2.  Once players have joined a clan in Destiny 2 every activity in the game will drive the players’ Clan progression and eventually raises the levels. Players will get rewards and after some time Bungie will reset these bonuses to keep the community engaged.

Also, Bungie has confirmed that it has no plans for PTR for Destiny 2 but, thinks that they are amazing and intends to challenge the team without exposing it to the public. With many games featuring Public Test Realms(PTR) for players to try out, it would not be surprising if Bungie also introduces one.

while I think that test realms would be amazing for things like stability, I’m still interested in challenging us to do our best job without having to expose it to the public. I wouldn’t say never, but I wouldn’t say yes.

Destiny 2 is a first-person action shooter developed by Bungie for Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 and the PC version will launch in October.