Ubisoft Announces The Division Free Weekend On PC, Thursday To Sunday

Ubisoft has announced that they will be hosting The Division free weekend on the PC, allowing players from Thursday to Sunday to be able to play the game for free. That means if you’ve been wanting to try the Division but aren’t sure if you like it, this is your chance.

The Division came out apparently as an attempt for Ubisoft to make their own version of Destiny, a shared-world shooter with a lot of loot. However, The Division takes place in New York after it’s been hit by a devastating biological weapon attack.

The Division has since had a rocky road, with much of its playerbase falling away due to a large number of glitches, hacking, and other problems that players repeatedly hoped Ubisoft would deal with, only to fall away when they were left alone. However, Ubisoft has since put new content on hold to fix the game’s many problems, and that has allowed the game to return to its launch day numbers.

Players who take part in the Division free weekend on the PC will be able to run around the city and play through the game from when it starts up until it ends, but if you decide you like the game and want to keep playing it, you can buy the game too.

Throughout the weekend, players will also be getting special discounts on the PC and standard platforms, meaning that if you want to buy the game and have had fun with it, you can buy it cheaper than you could otherwise. Your progress from the Division free weekend will also be carried over, meaning you don’t have to play through the parts of the game you’ve already played again.

Once again, the Division free weekend is PC exclusive, so if you have a computer that can run the game you’ll be able to start playing it on Thursday and will have until Sunday to play it.