Osiris: New Dawn Base Building Guide – Habitat Construction, Decorating the Base, Base Expansion, Wall Types, Building Tips

In this Osiris: New Dawn Base Building Guide, we will guide you on how to build a base in Osiris: New Dawn. Osiris: New Dawn is an open-world survival game and you can build different types of bases in it. Building the base is a simple process and we have explained it stepwise. In this Osiris: New Dawn Base Building Guide, we not only have detailed instructions on how you can build the bases but also what components you will require to build them.

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Osiris: New Dawn Base Building Guide

Osiris: New Dawn Base Building Guide details everything you need to know about building bases in Osiris: New Dawn.

Osiris: New Dawn Base Building

Building a Base in Osiris: New Dawn

To start building a base, the first step you need to do is find a flat and clear surface. If the surface is not flat or clear, you will not be able to construct a good base and it might break after joining the buildings together due to Terrain difference.

You need to find an area big and clear enough so that it is also future-proof so that if you are to expand it in the future, you can easily do so. Avoid building in small and cramped areas as it will be difficult to expand it later.

Step #1 – Habitat Construction
To start building a Habitat, you need to collect all the required ingredients for it. Use the multitool for building different components of the habitat. Construct the Habitat and add an airlock and an oxygenator to make it sustainable. You must have a pressurized habitat so you can breathe in it without any problems.

Step #2 – Decorating the Base
Once you have a sustainable habitat running, you can decorate it using different items. The game offers many useful items that you can build using the multi tool and putting them in your habitat to make certain things easier. These are not just decorating items but some items that you will place in your base will be actually functional and they will facilitate in different tasks.

Step #3 – Expanding the Base
You can also expand your base using coupler walls. If you want to expand, use your multitool to destroy a section of the wall and put a coupler wall in its place. Once the coupler wall is in place, build a hallway next to it. After this, simply build the walls to complete the link and you will be good to go.

Do remember that once you demolish something, you will not get the materials back. So make sure that you are absolutely sure about destroying something. Once the hallway is complete and linked with the coupler, build the new building and join it with the hallway. Complete the walls of the new building to make sure it is enclosed and is pressurized.

Wall Types
There are different types of walls that you will be required to build while setting up your base. They are Basic Wall, Glass wall and Coupler Wall. Basic Walls are used to constructing the habitats. They are the cheapest so you will be using them the most. Glass Walls on the other side are a fancy version of the Basic Walls. Use them where you want a view from the outside. The light will also come inside through these walls and they add a nice aesthetic touch to the base.

Coupler Walls are used to expanding the base. New buildings, airlocks, and hallways are connected together using these Coupler Walls.

This concludes our Osiris: New Dawn Base Building Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!