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Monster Hunter Stories Poogies Locations Guide – Where to Find Poogies, Rewards

There are a number of Poogies in Monster Hunter Stories for you to find and they grant you rewards if you manage to find them. This Monster Hunter Stories Poogies Locations Guide will tell you what rewards you are granted and let you know the locations of some of the Poogies early in the game so you can get your hands on some shiny new outfit and a few Paw Pass Tickets.

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Monster Hunter Stories Poogies Locations Guide

In this Monster Hunter Stories Poogies Locations Guide, we have outlined some of the Poogies that you can get during the early game.

Monster Hunter Stories Poogies Locations

Monster Hunter Stories Poogies Rewards

These are the rewards you get for finding Monster Hunter Stories Poogies:

  • 10 – Wanderer’s Outfit
  • 20 – Paw Pass Ticket x10
  • 30 – Selling Charm x5
  • 40 – Buying Charm x5
  • 50 – Eyepatch Outfit x1
  • 60 – Gourmet Steak x10
  • 70 – Fortuitous Charm x1
  • 80 – Recognition Letter x3
  • 90 – Comedian’s Outfit x1
  • 100 – Purple Scarf x1

Monster Hunter Stories Poogies Locations

Found in Mt. Pondry Caves and rewards you with 5 Herbs.

On Pondry hill stone near Hakum Village. Gives 5 Rare Steak.

Found at Darj Rock Baths. Gives 3 Well Done Steak

Found near the V-Shape area in Babda Rainforest. Go to the swamp near it to find the Poogie and be rewarded with Lifepowder.

Found in Hunter’s Guild inside the Hall of Scriveners. Has a purple diaper with gold pattern and gives 3 Eyedrops.

On the right when you enter Whistill Forest – Blue Diaper. Gives 10 Blue Mushrooms.

Found in Hunter’s guild. Wears a red sash with a blue diaper and gives you Max Potion.

Found at the right side of Gilgegaran port wearing blue and yellow stripes. Gives 5 Hunter Donuts.

Found at eastern cliff wall of Darj Snowfields near Zambtrios boss fight location. Wears green stripes and gives 3 Potions.

Found inside Darj Mountain Cabins. Gives you Shroom and 3 Larva.

Found near Khezu boss location in Wintertide tunnel. Gives Electro Sac.

You need a Monstie with swim ability. Found at proving grounds opposite Pondry Hill – between the forest and the cave entrance. This tiger striped Poogie gives you Ancient Potion.

Has zebra stripes and is found near the northwest side of Anivia’s Test story mission near the Darj Hinterlands Caravan stand.

Dr. Hamm
Has bluish gray zebra stripes and is found near the north ice floes at Darj Snowfields, you need a Monstie with the swim to find it. Gives 10 Lifesoot.

Has blue specks and is found hidden inside a spring on the upper side of Room of Trials. Gives 5 Binoculars.

This pig has cow spots and is found at Darj Rock Baths on the south of hot spring. Gives 10 Binoculars.

Found at Trese Salt Caves. This yellow and red striped pig gives a Paw Pass Ticket.

This blue pig is found at Wintertide Tunnel. Hug the left side wall until you find her. Gives 5 Zest Pills.

Found on the east side of Albarax. This pink and white pig gives 2 Muscle Meat.

Found in the ship at Gilgegaran Port. This pig has an afro and gives you 2 Large Barrels.

This red clothed pig can be found at Perennial Pass. Follow the road until it curves from the initial entry point after you exit Wintertide Tunnel. The pig is in the alley behind the sleeping Rathian and gives 3 Antidotes.

Found in a cave at the east side of the Darj Snowfields. Can be accessed with a swimming Monstie and gives you a Frozen Mushroom.

That is all we have for our Monster Hunter Stories Poogies Locations Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!