Here’s Why Rainbow Six Siege Servers Were Upgraded to 50 Tick Rate and Not 60

Operation Blood Orchid not only ended a six-month famine of content but also concluded Operation Health for the continued evolution of Rainbow Six Siege.

Among various improvements and proposed solutions to long-standing issues was the fulfilment to bring in new upgraded servers. Without any details from the developer, players simply assumed that the online experience would now be much better. However, the situation has only worsened for some and remained the same for others.

Posting on Reddit, community manager Craig “Epi” Robinson stated that the development team had to decide between running the new upgraded servers at either a 50 or 60 tick-rate. The latter showed a higher latency degradation in testing while the former gave better stability. Hence, to clarify the confusion, the new upgraded servers of Rainbow Six siege are currently running at a 50 tick-rate.

Ubisoft is still working towards increasing the tick rate to 60 through future testing procedures. More information will be shared with the community once the developer has something substantial in hand.

“We are also aware of the increase in the occurrences of rubberbanding following the release of Operation Blood Orchid,” the developer confirmed. “In our investigations, we have determined that it is not related to the new servers, but are still working on finding the root cause of the issue.”

According to multiple reports, many are suffering from rubber-banding as well as low hit-registration and sluggish performance. Players are advised to keep sending in their feedback to the developer regarding their online experience.

Take note that the new upgraded servers have only arrived for PC. Ubisoft is waiting on further data and feedback before “fully transitioning” to the new servers on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Rainbow Six Siege passed more than 20 million players last month. Such an ever-growing player-base should not have to endure an underwhelming and troubled online experience.