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God of War Combat Will Lack QTEs, Draws Comparisons To FIFA

God of War combat is going to be getting a number of change-ups from the quick-time oriented button-masher that it used to be in previous God of War games, according to director Cory Barlog. For starters, there will be no quick-time events, and he even equated the game’s controls to FIFA.

The game, apparently, would have lost quick time events even if the new God of War game didn’t feature Kratos’s son Atreus. Barlog said that while many players may be longing for the nostalgia of quick time events, that quick time events had limited the game previously, and that there’s so much more they can do with it.

Barlog has actually compared the God of War combat to the FIFA games, saying that the different games in FIFA are normally never the same, despite being in the same game. God of War may be a similar game, as without quick-time events players may come up with different ways to kill enemies, ranging from just hacking a giant’s knees until they die, or any other method used.

The God of War trailer shown at E3 2017 showed off some of the game’s combat and a number of different weapons, not only including Kratos’s new magic axe but also a large round shield that essentially turned the Ghost of Sparta into Captain America.

With the large number of different weapons that players often became accustomed to using over the course of the different God of War games, it’s likely that players are going to be using a similar number of weapons throughout the game when it releases.

There’s still no specific release date for God of War on the Playstation 4 aside from 2018, but hopefully Sony Santa Monica will give out a release date soon so that players will know when they can expect to take part in the God of War combat for themselves.