Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Video Snippets Show Ultron Omega, The Final Boss

A since-deleted Marvel vs Capcom Infinite video has shown off the game’s final boss. Ultron Sigma, a combination of Ultron from Marvel and Sigma from the Mega Man series, will become Ultron Omega when the player finally gets close to stopping his evil plan to conquer the whole universe.

Apparently, fitting in with how threatening Sigma and Ultron are in their own universes, the battle against Ultron Omega isn’t going to be any easier. According to a video put together by AvengerAlex, a YouTuber who made his own video about the boss, the fight may last up to five minutes.

While this may not sound long to people that have never played a fighting game before, considering many fighting game rounds only last around 90 seconds (unless you’re in a game like Super Smash Bros), five minutes can be seen as quite the slog for anyone that’s familiar with fighting games.

To make things worse, Ultron is going to be switching between the six different Infinity Stones throughout the fight, giving him a number of different buffs and abilities that he’ll be able to switch between on the fly during the fight. With seven Infinity Stones for him, and none your own, Ultron Omega is going to be tough to take down.

Along with the different Infinity Stones and the length of the fight, Ultron will have various drones to help him battle against you, similar to how Galactus did with his heralds in Marvel vs Capcom 3. So in addition to fighting Ultron, you’ll have to fight additional enemies as well.

Since Marvel vs Capcom Infinite comes out on September 19 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, there isn’t much longer to wait before the game releases and players can take on Ultron Omega for themselves and see just how tough he is.