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Shadow Of War Side Content Will Be Much More Detailed

There will be a lot of Middle-earth: Shadow of War side content when the game comes out October 10, and all of it will be much more detailed than the side missions in the original Shadow of Mordor game, according to Michael de Plater. The game’s Nemesis System has also been improved.

Much of the side content in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor was mainly collectibles, rescuing human slaves from the orcs, going on hunting missions, gathering plants and herbs, and occasionally doing challenges and missions that would build the legend of Talion’s weapons.

However, this time, the Shadow of War side content will be much more detailed. All of it will have cinematics and will involve Talion doing missions for Eltariel, Carnán, or one of the other major side characters. They’ll have much stronger stories running through them as well, and will be much better crafted in terms of gameplay.

Along with the side content, Shadow of War’s Nemesis System has also been revamped. Players may now run into orc captains ambushing them as the game keeps track of where you are and how you play, so instead of happening across a captain and attacking them, or having one pop up in the middle of a fight against other orcs, an orc may ambush you.

They’ll also earn various nicknames depending on actions they take throughout the game. For instance, if they manage to kill you, they’ll earn the name “Ranger-Slayer”, or “Drake-Killer” if they kill a drake in battle. If they manage to successfully take over one of your fortresses, they’ll earn the “Conqueror” nickname.

And those missions for Eltariel or Carnán are only one part of the game; players can expect more distractions throughout the rest of the game.

You’ll be able to take part in all of the Middle-earth: Shadow of War side content when the game comes out on October 10 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.