Retailer Lists Injustice 2 for PC With All DLC Included

Five months after releasing for consoles, the first signs of Injustice 2 gracing PC finally arrive for the fighting game community.

A potential port for the sequel was listed on Amazon France earlier today before being taken down. Game Mania from Europe has also updated its store with a similar listing but at the time of writing the product is still available online for viewing.

According to the attached description, Injustice 2 will release for PC with all previously released downloadable content packs. It appears to be similar to Mortal Kombat XL, an improved and complete bundle for players to enjoy. However, there is no mention of a release date. There is the possibility that the port will make it before the holiday season, else we will surely get our hands on it early next year.

Neither the developer nor publisher has confirmed the listing so far. Hence, it should be considered as a rumor for now.

NetherRealm Studios has a rather bad history when it comes to releasing its games for Windows. Mortal Kombat X was launched on Steam with rarely anything working correctly. It is still one of the worst ports to ever arrive on the digital distribution platform in history. The problems and broken netcode were eventually fixed with multiple patches but not before the players had moved on to other games.

When Injustice 2 was only announced for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it was naturally assumed that the developer had washed its hands off PC. It, after all, has always chosen to outsource development to other smaller studios. If Injustice 2 is really coming out on PC, we can only hope that it was worked on by competent developers.

Injustice 2 has already seen a number of new characters for its roster. The list includes Red Hood, Starfire, and Spawn; as well as Sub-Zero and Raiden from the Mortal Kombat universe. Most recently, we got our first look at Hellboy and Black Manta. The PC version could potentially include all of these characters for the same or discounted price. It may be arriving late to the party but if it is functional, the players are likely to pass their warm regards to the developer.