Delay In PUBGs Vaulting Feature Explained By Bluehole, Might Come In November

It has been a while since Bluehole Studio announced PUBGs Vaulting Feature and gamers have been waiting for it ever since. Given that it is an early access game it might take time for this feature to arrive but, Bluehole has hinted that PUBGs Vaulting Feature could come in November and also explained why it is taking so long.

In a recent blog post accompanying the patch notes for the September update, action and gunplay lead Pawel Smolewski explained that PUBGs Vaulting Feature wasn’t built on “predefined objects or locations” in the game and due to so many objects in the game and each having different properties, the system uses an algorithm to identify which surfaces can be vaulted and which can’t be.

The algorithm is quite complex and requires rigorous testing and fine-tuning of the map. Testing it for only a couple of days before deployment on the live servers won’t be enough for us to identify all bugs and side effects.

He added that the studio’s plan is to test the feature for a prolonged period starting in November and could release it on Test Servers a little before that for a limited time.

While it is disappointing but, we would rather have a fully functioning feature rather than a half-finished feature that frustrates gamers.

PUBGs creator Brandon Greene has also clarified that there is no single-player campaign planned for PUBG. Brendan Greene stated that for PUBG Singleplayer campaign, it is important to create a lore and currently there is none for the game. He explained further before straight up confirming that there is no PUBG single-player campaign planned.

Also, Bluhole Studio is preparing to deal with the PUBGs AFK farming and plan to tackle it soon, however, the studio admits they don’t know what will be the solution.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a multiplayer survival game currently in early access for PC and will launch for consoles later.