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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds New Map Possibly Leaked, Names of All Major Locations

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the most popular PC game right now and its content is updated with weekly as well as with monthly updates. Players get new weapons, clothes, fixes, improvements, and new features. However, what about a new map?

So far there is that Island map we play on, it has been the center of the action since release and if there is one thing this game definitely need is a new map. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds new map has already been confirmed by Brendan Greene, the PlayerUnknown. According to the developer, there is a new map coming but for now, he can tease it, no release plans are final.

But it looks like someone managed to leak the entire PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds new map.  The map shows different locations as well as their names (possibly placeholders). We already know that it is a desert map which explains the color.

There are different areas and I guess we can all guess which ones are high loot. The military base and Cartel Mention are defiantly going to feature the most major items.

On a related subject, PlayerUnknown’s is also bringing Sea of Thieves water tech. Brendan Greene recently revealed that he plans to work with Rare for its water tech. The technology will help bring realistic water to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This month’s update is going to bring new features, weapons, and a new town.

The update will release sometime this week.

Battlegrounds is now available on PC and is coming to Xbox One X soon. There are no words regarding a PS4 version for the time being.