MicroCenter GPU Sales Limitation: Charging $10,000 For 3+ Graphics Cards Whether Nvidia Or AMD

Graphics cards stocks are pretty low and it is hard to get one at MSRP due to the Cryptocurrency mining trends. It seems that MicroCenter is trying hard to keep miners at bay. MicroCenter GPU sales limitation policy is such that customer buying more than 3 GPUs will be charged $10,000 per graphics card.

This MicroCenter GPU sales limitation policy is very serious and it might be an effective way of keeping miners from getting all the graphics cards on the market. This will reduce value for money exponentially and I doubt there will be anyone coming out with more than 2 graphics cards. At least from MicroCenter.

You can buy 2 graphics cards at the base price without an issue and if you are a gamer then 2 is all that you are going to need at most. 2 would be over kill in some cases but then again there could be different situations where you need to buy 2 cards. You might want to get one for someone else. That is understandable.

It is funny to see where the market is headed and that retailers are enforcing such policies in order to keep the stock from flying out the doors. This is a good thing for gamers as it means that people that need graphics cards for gaming will have them available for purchase when they walk through the doors.

MicroCenter GPU Sales Limitation

While this MicroCenter GPU sales limitation policy is for both AMD and Nvidia GPUs, I doubt you will be able to get an AMD Vega GPU from one of these stores. They are sold out everywhere and should be restocked in October. You should be better off getting an Nvidia Pascal GPU instead.

Let us know what you think about this MicroCenter GPU sales limitation policy and whether or not you agree with how miners are being treated.