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Destiny 2 To Go Offline For Server Maintenance, Here Is When

Destiny fans are enjoying the newly released Destiny 2, however, they will not be able to play the game for four hours today due to server maintenance. Bungie has announced that Destiny 2 will go offline for four hours today due to server maintenance.

Destiny 2 players will be unable to log-in starting from 3 PM UK time when the maintenance begins and will go on for four hours and will end at 7 PM UK time. Also, those who will be in-game as the maintenance begins will be given 60 minutes to leave it and will be kicked out after that.

Bungie has not revealed what it will be fixing during this scheduled Destiny 2 server maintenance. However, the maintenance comes right after Destiny 2’s first weekly server reset. Also, Destiny servers will also be offline at the same time.

In related news, fans are waiting for the first Destiny 2 raid, which comes tomorrow. However, they are also wondering what Light Level will be required to play the raid and Bungie has revealed the Light Level required for the first raid.

Game Director Luke Smith revealed through his Twitter post that players will require to have light level between 260 and 280 for the raid which is actually low as many players have already reached level 300 in the game.

Also, with many games featuring Public Test Realms(PTR) for players to try out the upcoming updates before their launch, many are wondering if the newly released games will feature one or not. According to game director Luke Smith, Bungie has no plans for PTR but, thinks that they are amazing and intends to challenge the team without exposing it to the public.

Destiny 2 is a first-person action shooter developed by Bungie for Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 and the PC version will launch in October.