Destiny 2 Nightfall Strike Is A Bit Broken, Bungie Admits

Destiny 2 has launched for the consoles and gamers are enjoying it, however, many players have noticed that Destiny 2 Nightfall strike is a bit too hard and specifically, the Prism modifier is broken and developer Bungie has admitted it.

In an official Bungie forum post, Bungie revealed that the Prism modifier “is not persisting on screen as is intended”. The Prism Modifier is something that players need to keep tabs on constantly as it cycles through the damage types and empowers one while weakening the others.

While Bungie has admitted that Prism Modifier in Destiny 2 Nightfall strike is broken but, plans to soon fix this issue in a “future hotfix”. Bungie further revealed that they have found a severe glitch in Momentum modifier which was intended to take Prism Modifier’s place for the Week 2 Nightfall. But, Bungie has now revealed that it won’t be using it and will use the current version of Prism Modifier.

In related news, fans are waiting for the first Destiny 2 raid, which comes tomorrow. However, they are also wondering what Light Level will be required to play the raid and Bungie has revealed the Light Level required for the first raid.

Game Director Luke Smith revealed through his Twitter post that players will be required to have light level between 260 and 280 for the raid which is actually low as many players have already reached level 300 in the game.

Also, Destiny 2 and Destiny will go offline for four hours today. Destiny 2 players will be unable to log-in starting from 3 PM UK time when the maintenance begins and will go on for four hours and will end at 7 PM UK time.

Destiny 2 is a first-person action shooter developed by Bungie for Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 and the PC version will launch in October.

Source: Bungie