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Z390 Motherboards Will Debut In H2 2018, Intel Z300 Chipset To Offer Native USB 3.1, 802.11ac And Bluetooth 5.0 Support

We know that the upcoming 8th generation CPUs will not work with the current motherboards but it seems that Intel has more than the Z370 series motherboards planned. The Z300 chipset comes with native USB 3.1, 802.11ac And Bluetooth 5.0 support. These motherboards are expected to be released soon and Z390 motherboards will be coming out next year.

This bit of new information regarding Z390 motherboards has been revealed by a leaked roadmap that has found its way to the internet. Furthermore, only the high-end Z370 chipset motherboards will be released this year and you will have to wait for the cheaper CPUs and motherboards to come out next year.

This is not something new, the same is what happened when Intel first announced the Skylake CPUs. The K series SKUs came out first followed by the other non-K variants. You can check out the leaked roadmap below:

Z390 Motherboards

Mainstream H370 and value H310 chipsets will be coming in January, so the wait is not too long. We know what these motherboards will have to offer but it will be interesting to see how the Z390 motherboards will be different from the rest of the pack.

The Coffee Lake CPUs will offer more cores as compared to what Intel has offered in the past and this may or may not be due to AMD Ryzen. Whatever the reason maybe, it is a good move. Users that have the need for more cores will not have to spend too much money on an enthusiast CPU. Instead, they can buy one from the mainstream lineup.

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Let us know what you think about Z390 motherboards and whether or not you think it is worth waiting till the second half of 2018.