The Xbox One S Is Being Sold As A Blu-Ray Player In Japan, We Have Pictures

The Xbox One S, the slimmed-down and cheaper version of the original Xbox One, is apparently being sold as a Blu Ray player in Japan, rather than as a gaming console. There are pictures to go with it; apparently it’s being sold for nearly 30,000 yen (around 278 US dollars), so it’s consistent at least.

The fact that the Xbox One is being sold as something other than a gaming console in Japan isn’t really that surprising (though the advertising in the store does mention that the Xbox also allows you to play video games). The Xbox One is a western console through and through, especially since Japan is Sony’s home turf, meaning that a huge number of Playstation sales will come through Japanese gamers.

Even then, however, it’s likely that the Xbox One S isn’t going to sell well even when it’s being marketed as a Blu-Ray player. The Playstation 4 can also play Blu Ray discs, and it seems that the general consensus is that it does it better than the Xbox One. While the Xbox One S is slimmer, cheaper, and also has better visuals than a vanilla Xbox One, that may not be enough to save it even when it’s just being marketed as a Blu Ray player.

This is yet another way that the Xbox One has fallen behind the Playstation 4. Sony’s console has remained far ahead of the Xbox in terms of sales ever since the two consoles launched, with the Playstation 4 kept ahead due to better graphics and framerates, more exclusive games, and without the large amount of negative PR that the Xbox One got at its announcement.

That might very well continue into the release of the Xbox One X, which will have a lot of work to do if it hopes to catch up to the Playstation 4 Pro. The PS4 Pro released last year in November, leaving the Xbox One X the difficult challenge of catching up from a year-long gap.