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New God of War Art Shows Off Kratos And Atreus’s Journey Through A Mine

A brace of new God of War art from the concept stage of the game has shown the various hazards that Kratos and his son Atreus will uncover as they delve into an abandoned mine. This being God of War, the mine is, of course, filled with monsters and more.

The various creatures that Kratos and Atreus will be encountering on their journey through the mine, along with other bits of their travel through Midgard (the Norse version of Earth, one of the nine worlds of Norse mythology) include things like giants and trolls, zombies, and other ferocious creatures from the Nordic myths.

The mine that’s shown in most of the new God of War art is also probably only one thing that we’ll be exploring over the course of the game. The game’s debut gameplay at E3 2016 showed what appeared to be an open-world setup, so whether the mine will be a temporary diversion or a story-important location that players will have to move through in order to get to a destination remains to be seen.

In addition to showing the inside of the mine, which is cavernous, misty, and definitely not a nice-looking place, we get to see a few other vistas in some of the other new God of War art. This includes what appears to be the ribcage of a dragon, various rickety bridges, a frankly beautiful-looking forest in autumn, and a few rainy landscapes.

These new pictures are only adding to the beautiful imagery we’ve seen in the two God of War trailers that came out at the last two E3s, which showcased beautiful landscapes of their own.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing all of these things in real life when God of War actually comes out. The game will be releasing sometime in early 2018 on the Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro, but hopefully we’ll be getting something like gameplay or a trailer at some point soon.