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Destiny 2 The Fortress Crucible Map Guide – Jumps and Spots, Game Modes, How to Play

This Destiny 2 The Fortress Crucible Map Guide will provide you with information about the Fortress map from Destiny 2 Crucible. This guide not only features useful tips and tricks but tells you about all the important zones dotted around the map and also which game modes the game offers.

The overview of the map should provide you with the main theory behind its creation while the locations will gear you up for intense PvP action with more awareness of what to do during the course of the game.

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Destiny 2 The Fortress Crucible Map Guide

In our Destiny 2 The Fortress Crucible Map Guide, we have tried to help you learn everything you need to know about the map, its jumps and spots, and how to play on it.

Destiny 2 The Fortress Crucible Map

The Fortress Overview

Game modes: Control, Countdown, Supremacy

The Fortress is an extremely large and diverse map. This has a lot of sniping lanes so equipping a scout weapon regardless of your power weapon preference is a good idea.

The map also has a few tight spaces scattered throughout the terrain and the unevenness of it offers a lot of cover opportunities for long fights so pair your scout weapon with a short or mid ranged weapon for maximum effectiveness. The map’s boundaries are full of water which you cannot traverse.

The Fortress Locations

The Shore is an exterior location which serves as a starting area for one of the teams. Although some natural cover is offered by the terrain, large scaled skirmishes and sniping is perfect due to its open and vast nature.

The Tower contains one of the two Power Ammo spots on this map during matches of the Control Game mode. The tower is located between two sizeable battlegrounds and is a significant part of a large sniping lane. Shore is not visible due to rocks being in the way but Rocks and Crash can easily be scouted using the ledge above the main passage.

During Control matches, Ketch is the location which houses the Capture Point A. It also contains one of the two charges in the game mode Countdown. Ketch resides inside a piece of wreckage which is quite massive but the space inside it is quite compact.

It has three points of entry and one of them features an automated door. This location is perfect for scouting the surrounding areas and has a multitude of cover options for you to use. For this reason, Ketch is a contested area and is strategically important for a number of game modes.

Crash has the map’s one of three Power Ammo spawn points in the Supremacy game mode. This place also serves as one of the two sources of power Ammo during the Countdown game mode. Crash is one of the largest areas on the map and features one of the most sought after sniping lanes. Cover can be found behind the formation rocks during heavily contested fights.

Meadow is on the outskirts of the map and is most useful as a flanking route between Cave and Crash. Although it is incredibly small and has almost no cover, it can serve as a very good vantage point overlooking the expanses,

Cave is largely an empty structure but does offer few points which can be used as cover during fights. The cave features five points of entries which are spread across three adjacent areas. It features a lot of foot traffic so this is the place to go if you’re looking for idiots to kill!

Grotto is a very important area during the Control game mode as it contains the Capture Point C. It is a large but a narrow location which goes from the border of the rocks to the edge of the map. Although it has a few spots for natural cover, it has a lot of entry points which make it easy to capture but an extremely difficult area to also serves as a starting point in many of the game modes.

Rock serves as one of the three places on the map which features a Power Ammo spawn point during the Supremacy game mode. Rocks are used as intersections due to it being located in the center of the map. This area is loved by snipers due to it being extremely large with a terrain which makes it extremely easy to spot enemies here.

The name should tell you all that you need to know about this, IT’S A PASSAGE. The interior space connects Castle and the Rocks. Passage is a near perfect flanking route due to its right angled alleyways that make it difficult to spot enemies. Use this space to recover during the course of long and spread out firefights. It is also a great place to ambush overambitious players.

This is an important area because it features one of the three Power Ammo spots during the Supremacy game mode. It is also a hotly contested area during Control as it features the Capture Point B. In the Countdown mode, it has both a charge and a Power Ammo spawn point.

This is perhaps the most important area in the map so be careful of enemy presence while going through it. It provides you with a decent amount of cover but the points of entry are positioned in such a way that teams who strategically coordinate their assault can make it almost impossible for you to hold them off. Apart from this the castle serves as a very useful vantage point as well.

This is a unique area located between Castle and Falls. It is good for close quarter combat and flanking.

Falls has one of the map’s two Power Ammo spawn points during Control. It is a large location with a very good sniping lane. The uneven terrain also provides a fair amount cover to balance things out though which is why it sees a lot of traffic.

That is all we have for our Destiny 2 The Fortress Crucible Map Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below and do not forget to check out our other Destiny 2 Guides.