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Destiny 2 The Dead Cliffs Crucible Map Guide – Jumps and Spots, Game Modes, How to Play

This Destiny 2 the Dead Cliffs Crucible Map Guide will provide you with information about the Dead Cliffs map from Destiny 2 Crucible. This guide not only features useful tips and tricks but tells you about all the important zones dotted around the map and also which game modes the game offers.

The overview of the map should provide you with the main theory behind its creation while the locations will gear you up for intense PvP action with more awareness of what to do during the course of the game.

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Destiny 2 the Dead Cliffs Crucible Map Guide

In this Destiny 2 the Dead Cliffs Crucible Map Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about the map, its jumps and spots, and how to play on it.

Destiny 2 the Dead Cliffs Crucible Map

The Dead Cliffs Overview

Game modes: Survival, Clash and Control

This map is not that large and is perfect for short and mid ranged combat. This map can be used for both Quick play and Competitive due to its landscape and layout allowing for a skill based match up. Sniping is not really recommended on this map though I am sure the extremely skilled snipers will find a way to make it work.

The map features a number of drops as no matter how good and experienced you are, there is a fair chance you will forget where the boundaries of the map lie and thus will plummet to your death while engaged in an intense firefight. The structure in the middle of the map is not wide enough for you to pass through but you can lob grenades between the bars and although chances are it will not hit, it can serve as a useful distraction to your enemies while you go about your business.

The Dead Cliffs Locations and Match Types

This serves as the starting point in most of the game modes in the game. It has two points of entry and a little cover so this serves as an aggressive point to start the fight. Fights here end quickly and decisively so be sure you are not in a risky situation when you enter this area. You can also use this as a flank route between Trucks and Depot as well as a scouting area for both of them.

The trucks have one of the three Power Ammo spawn points in the map. These trucks also act as a junction between Lockers, Depot, and ivy so having control over this area is probably a very effective strategy in almost every game mode.

Depot houses one of the three Power Ammo spawn points during clash matches as well as the Capture Point A during Control. Learn every inch of this area so you have complete control over this during important moments of the match. The four entry points along with the multi-leveled floor make this a difficult place to control. The amount of cover is massive and can be used to your aid.

During Control matches, the Catwalk will house one of the two Power Ammo spawn points. This place has a lot of entries and varied terrain and is used as a movement lane for this reason. A lot of changes in height and sharp turns make this a very easy location to lose enemies but be careful of the low railings as they can be easy to fall off of. Be careful when trying to claim Power Ammo due to the plethora of locations you can get shot from.

Learning the intricacies of this place is very crucial as any tie breaking Capture Points during Survival matches will appear in Ivy. Apart from that this place is very important as it is in the center of the map and it connects to Depot, Trucks, Catwalk, and Rubble. Because of this Ivy is a very happening place during the course of all of the game modes.

In Survival matches, Rubble is the only place in the map which features Power Ammo spawn point. This place has a very basic layout along with limited cover options. It also falls at the end of a sniping lane so it should be heaven for snipers while being a tricky place for people hunting Power Ammo.

Garage contains one of the map’s three Power Ammo spawn points during the course of Clash matches. The Garage also houses the Capture Point B during control matches making this a very important area. It has a small interior area but this enclosure is very important to keep an eye on due to its strategic importance during any game mode. Try to secure the garage as it only has two entry points to watch out for if you control it.

This area is only accessible via the Garage and is used as a fallback position rather than a strategic one. Because of it being extremely close quarters, it is perfect for staging an ambush.

It features a sheer drop along with varied terrain. It is in the middle of a large sniping lane so using the cover inside it is very effective and can turn the tide of a match.

Hall is one of the most important areas of the map. It is essentially a three-way junction which connects Catwalk, Mill, and Pipes to one another. Because of this, guardians who prefer doing splash damage should reside within its walls as it offers ample opportunity for that.

The Console is located inside of the mill and is a very useful area because of the cover that it provides. It can be perfect for twitch aimers to use to their advantage when moving between points but you need to watch out for the flanks.

The Mill is quite important as it features one of the three Power Ammo spawn points during Clash and is the Capture Point C during Control. It has both interior and exterior spaces with a variety of entry points making this a difficult place to both capture and hold. The narrow walkways are a perfect sniping spot, just watch out for the drop to death.

That is all we have for our Destiny 2 The Dead Cliffs Crucible Map Guide. Remember to check out all our other Destiny 2 guides and let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!