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Destiny 2 IO World Quest King’s Shadow Guide – The Hunt, The Conversion, Asher’s Theory, The Army, Trapped

Destiny 2 IO World Quest, King’s Shadow, is divided into five different parts. With each section of the mission, players will experience a higher level of difficulty, tougher missions, and longer enemy engagements. The mission will give you massive XP boost and loot.

The following Destiny 2 IO World King’s Shadow Guide will discuss each section of this quest in detail. Explaining how to advance through the stages with ease.

Destiny 2 IO World Quest Guide

King’s Shadow

Mission 1: The Hunt
Prerequisite: Complete Campaign Mission Fury.
Objective: Taken activity has increased on Ganymede Find out what they’re planning to do, and put a stop to it.

There are three different location you need to visit and scan. As you move through the Lost Oasis, you will see an activated Taken cluster.

Look for a rock plateau to the west and take down the Taken pylon. There are some Vex in the area so be careful. Use close-range weapons in this area. Once you take down enough enemies a Wizard will rise, take him down and move to another pylon. Repeat the same process as before. There are three pylons on total so you would need to face the third wave of enemies as well in this area.

Use the Sparrow to reach the third pylon.

Head to Spine Burrows Sector and enter the cavern space. Check the clusters of Taken close to the entrance and be ready for a boss fight.

Ignore the Vex and Stalk the Boss as it cloaks itself. Find its glowing eye to locate it in the area. Take down the frozen vex now and focus on the boss. Use your Super as well as grenades to cause more damage.

Mission 2: The Conversion
Prerequisite: Complete The Hunt
Objective: Head to Giant’s Scar and Investigate the Taken presence

Go through the sectors while engaging the enemies. Reach the mission flag to start things off. Go upwards from the control structure and kill the enemies along the way. Battle all the enemies here and head up the ramp and investigate the area.

Move to the second section of the storage room while killing the Taken Knights at a distance. Leap up the platform to access the door to an area off limits. Taken Thralls are here so kill them before moving to the cargo area. Scan the area and get the clue for the next area.

Exit into the drill area and move up the earth ramp on the west. There are three Thralls at the entrance of Excavation Site II. Go down the cargo bay and clear the area of the Taken. Kill the Knights at the main corridor area and shoot the rift globe blocking your path. Head up the ramped corridor and shoot the large globe in the connecting storage area.

Next chamber has plenty of enemies including a Wizard.

Clear the area and blast the small rift while taking down the enemies along the way. Head up the connecting corridor in the main control room.

Time to fight a Taken Boss Knight. Use a ranged weapon here for a better chance at defeating it. It will use Giblins and Hydra as its minions to attack you. Once the Hydra is down, access the terminal to remove the barrier and drop down the chamber and exit.

Mission 3: Asher’s Theory
Prerequisite: Complete The Conversion
Objective: Speak with Asher

Head back to Asher’s camp and speak with him.

Mission 4: The Army
Prerequisite: Complete Asher’s Theory
Objective: Kill The Taken Boss Knight.

After speaking with Asher, head to the flag at the Vex architectural protrusion at the middle of this sector. Climb up the Super Structure and locate the two floating platforms. And continue up the pyramidion structure.

Find a way in the structure where you drop in a purple chamber. An army of Taken will charge you here. Thankfully, there is plenty of cover in this area. When you clear the room the Boss Knight will flee.

Drop down to the ground level of The Rapture and head south of the entrance of The Endless Gate. There’s minor Vex resistance before you enter the area. The battle will only heat up from there. Once done with the enemies, enter the main chasm chamber of this sector. Battle the Taken Thralls and move forward sniping them from a distance.

You will eventually reach the Boss Knight which is invulnerable thanks to the Goblins. Kill them first and then focus on the Boss Knight. Super and Grenade will do significant damage. The Knight, close to its death, will call upon a Centurion and a pair of Phalanxes on the near side of the bridge.

Deal with them and focus once again on the Boss Knight.

Mission 5: Trapped
Prerequisite: Complete The Army
Objective: Speak with Asher

Go and talk to Asher and see what Intel he had.

This was our Destiny 2 IO World Quest King’s Shadow Guide, take to the comments if you have any questions.