Destiny 2 Bug Related To MIDA Multi-Tool Can Be Avoided, Here’s How

A recent Destiny 2 bug that can break your entire game has been discovered, and it’s attached to the MIDA Multi-Tool, an Exotic Scout Rifle whose main draw is its large amount of stability, making it a good all-around weapon. The bug mainly prevented the gun from showing up at the Postmaster.

The Postmaster is a Frame on the Farm that gives players various engrams that they missed while out on missions, as well as giving them various items that come with special events and more. The main problem of the MIDA Multi-Tool bug is that, if you manage to grab its Engram or the gun itself while you’re out on a quest called “Enhanced!”, and it has to go to the Postmaster due to your inventory being full, there’s a chance it won’t appear.

The solution to avoiding this Destiny 2 bug is simple: just keep your inventory clean. Considering the rate that a player will go through guns in the early-game, if you’ve been fortunate enough to get the MIDA Multi-Tool at some point during these first few days of the game being released, deleting your guns for Glimmer will help you not only keep your stock of Glimmer up but also the number of weapons crowding your inventory down so that the Destiny 2 bug doesn’t happen to you.

This bug is only the most recent of the various different Destiny bugs. These include a bug on Nessus that can get your Ghost stuck in an unreachable place, non-Fireteam leaders being unable to skip cinematics, perks not triggering, not getting credit for participating in a Nightfall activity if you join it in-progress, and more.

If you haven’t picked up Destiny 2 yet, you can buy it for the Xbox One or the Playstation 4. The PC version of the game is still a good ways away, as it will be coming out on October 24. It will be available on Blizzard’s application, rather than being on Steam or Origin.