Massive Worm-Like Sea Monster Discovered in Destiny 2

It has been only a couple of days since Destiny 2 was launched worldwide, and since then players have been exploring every possible nook and cranny. Several secrets and points of interest have been uncovered, but nothing like what is living beneath the oceanic depths of Titan.

The planet is the second destination in the single-player campaign of the highly anticipated sequel and is completely covered in water. Structures built on top are what players use to move about. It has been brought to attention that a worm-like behemoth is swimming underneath the waves, and sometimes even surfaces a bit to show off its scaly hide.

YouTube users “NecroHydra” and “GamerForEternity” shared the following couple of videos earlier today. The first offers a gigantic silhouette of the sea monster and the second gives us a glimpse from above.

It is unknown if the creature is an Easter egg in the game or holds some relation with a piece of post-release content. Both Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1 feature something similar where players can perform a set of moves to call upon the ancient Megalodon shark. However, the sea monster of Destiny 2 seem to have a greater purpose.

Destiny 2 is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game will arrive for PC at the end of next month, due to additional time needed by the developer to ensure a stable and features-packed release.