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God Of War Podcast Takes Viewers Through Norse Mythology Before Release

A new God of War podcast is being posted onto YouTube in the months up to the release of the newest entry in the series. “The Lost Pages Of Norse Myth”, as the podcast is called, will be taking players through the lost pages of the Prose Edda prior to release.

However, these “lost pages” don’t talk about the various Norse gods that we’ll be encountering throughout the game. Instead, the lost pages talk about a mysterious god from a faraway land, and his son. The lost pages appear to mainly focus on how Kratos first came to Scandinavia, and the land of the Norse gods, after his adventures in Greece.

If this is correct, then listening to this God of War podcast may lend us a good bit of insight into the story of the game, why Kratos is on his journey, why his son Atreus is accompanying him, and, perhaps most importantly, who the boy’s mother is.

We’ve previously heard a female voice in at least one God of War trailer before now. However, whether that’s Atreus’s mother and Kratos’s Norse wife, or some other female character in the game, remains to be seen.

As we get closer to the game’s release date, we’ll be getting more of these God of War podcast episodes, which will also include various interviews and discussions of various things in the game. In this first episode, listeners get to hear Cory Barlog, the game’s creative director, and Matt Sophos the story lead, and their own discussions.

To listen to the God of War podcast for yourself, just look up at the top of the article. In the meantime, the new God of War game won’t be coming out until sometime in 2018, so you should take any opportunity to learn more about the game.