Destiny 2 Stop and Go Adventure Guide – Recovering the Maintenance Access Codes, Destroying the Generators, How to Defeat Ja’gad

Destiny 2 Stop and Go Adventure Guide to help you learn everything you need to about attacking the Red Legion Power Generators as soon as they become open to attack. Adventures in Destiny 2 are small self-contained missions that you can easily complete to earn a ton of loot.

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Destiny 2 Stop and Go Adventure Guide

In this Destiny 2 Stop and Go Adventure Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about completing the Adventure mission on EDZ.

Destiny 2 Stop and Go Adventure

Reward: Rare Weapon
Recommended Power: 160
Location: The Gulch, European Dead Zone
Prerequisites: Complete Campaign Mission Unbroken

Start by recovering the Maintenance Access Codes by making your way to the tunnels and eliminating all enemy presence there. Once you have the codes, follow the waypoint to the hidden Cabal base in the tunnels. Clear the nearby Cabal units and then use the marked device to drop the force field.

Destroy the series of generators to lower the force fields but beware since this is a time-limited objective. Destroy all five generators before the time runs out and then destroy nine more at the end of the corridor. Now eliminate all forces that you see as you move to the next objective marker.

Be careful of Ja’gad as he is quite strong. After killing everyone, move to the remaining generators that are out in the open and destroy each of them. Now move to the row of pylons and use the panels to deactivate all of the force fields that will reveal more generators. Destroy them all to complete the Adventure.

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